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Republic of Belarus
Zhlobin, Shosseinaya str., 133
tel/faq:   4-13-18

e-mail: info@gmk.by


"Zhlobin Meat Processing and Packing Factory" AFIC PC is at present one of the largest meat-processing enterprises in the Republic of Belarus.

Zhlobin meat processing and packing factory keeps up to its traditions however steadily and progressively develops. This is possible thanks to new advanced technologies introduced, product range extension, and improvement of technological and sanitary culture at the factory.

The enterprise consists of four main departments: fat-and-meat building, refrigerator, meat-processing department, and company trade.

The product range includes over 500 items at present. All the products meet State Standards and have all the certificates needed to sell the products abroad.

"Zhlobin Meat Processing and Packing Factory" AFIC PC produces and sells:

- meat and by-products;

- sausages (over 300 items);

- delicacies;

- pork and beef semi-prepared foods;

- canned meat;

- edible and inedible fats;

- dry feed for animals;

- canned bowel materials;

- canned skin;

- endocrine-ferment materials.

Boiled sausages, frankfurters, and small sausages

Boiled sausages are produced in accordance with modern production methods with a great number of multi-functional food additives.

Formula composition comprises specially selected materials for premium and first class boiled sausages as well as for unsorted and second-sort boiled sausages. Boiled sausages are produced in steam and water proof covers of "Amiflex" type while frankfurters and small sausages are produced in covers of "Amipack" type, which allows prolonging keeping time of sausages up to 20 days, of frankfurters and small sausages up to 15 days. What is more, the goods remain in marketable state.

Smoked foods

smoked foods are made of natural meat materials: pork, beef, pork breasts with skin or without. Food additives, aromatic mixtures, and modern packaging are used during production. All these makes smoked foods look mouth-watering, taste soft, and smell good.

Smoked and Cooked Sausages and Boiled and Smoked Sausages

Smoked and cooked as well as boiled and smoked sausages are made of meat materials with addition of original spicery mixtures used to create taste and aroma. Both natural covers and artificial such as "belkozin" and "Amismoke" are used.

Smoking with sawdust made of the best foliage trees makes the products smell great and this aroma remains till the sausage is still eatable.

Summer Sausages

Summer sausages are made of meat materials and fat for making the product look unique. Traditional salting method is used when producing the product. Spice combinations and natural spices make summer sausages smell great and that smell is very expressive.

Liver Sausages and Pastes

Adorable taste of pastes and liver sausages is the result of precise compliance with the production technology. The formula includes beef and pork meat, salted pork fat, by-products, soy-bean protein, milk, flour, and food additives.

Both pastes and liver sausage boast of amazing consistence thanks to such a formula. Onion, garlic, and spices assure original smell and taste of the products.

Canned Meat

Premium quality meat (pork or beef) is used to produce canned meat.

All the products boast of long-term keeping time of about 2-4 years.

Semi-prepared Foods

Meat semi-prepared foods offered by the factory are prepared to be culinary processed at home. It doesn't take much effort to cook them therefore one can save time on cooking and the taste properties will still be great.

The products can be packed either in large pieces or in smaller portions and the most advanced technologies are used for packaging. Frozen semi-prepared foods boast of long selling period, which lasts up to 180 days.

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