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Republic of Belarus
Zhlobin, Shosseinaya str., 133
tel/faq:   4-13-18

e-mail: info@gmk.by


The Countries We Cooperate with:

- Austria

- Germany

- Latvia

- Czech Republic

- Lithuania

- Poland

- Italy

- Russia


- Ukraine

- Canada

The variety and high quality of the products allows "Zhlobin Meat Processing and Packing Factory" AFIC PC to successfully cooperate with foreign partners. This type of collaboration is mutually beneficial and allows extending the product market and increasing factory floor experience.

Foreign Partners

- "Lagrom" (Poland)

- "Strong" (USA)

- "Makotech" (USA)

- "Czech Tanning" (Czech Republic)

- "Berch Laska" (Austria)

- "Classics" (Russia)

- "Mitland" (Russia)

At present the factory is only entering the Russian market constantly making trips to the Russian Federation. The factory has been fruitfully cooperating with Polish, German, American, Austrian, Czech, and Baltic companies.

These companies regularly gather together to hold a meeting or a seminar devoted to new cooperation methods and to the problems they may face on their way.

Republican Partners

The factory has well-established partner-type relations with processing companies and trade organizations of Minsk, Gomel, Bobruisk, Novopolozk, Mogiliev, as well as with raw materials suppliers.

The enterprise has its own company outlets that allow studying the demand on goods produced systematically.   

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