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Republic of Belarus
Zhlobin, Shosseinaya str., 133
tel/faq:   4-13-18

e-mail: info@gmk.by


 "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" System:

Our products were numerous times awarded with various diplomas.

The Best Product of 2005:

Meat dumplings "Russkie";

Summer sausage salami "Prazdnichnaya";

Premium quality sausages "Doctorskie elitnie";

Canned meat "Slynyna Tushenaya" (stewed pork);

"Product of the Year 2005" award in "Cooked Meats" nomination;

"Product of the Year 2005" award in "Meat Delicacies" nomination;

"Product of the Year 2005" award in "meat Dumplings" nomination.

The Best Product of 2004:

smoked pork collar "Rozhdestvenskaya";

Smoked beef sticks "K pivy" (For beer);

Boiled roll "Stilnyi";

Boiled and smoked sausage "Polesskaya originalnaya";

Premium quality canned meat "Stewed Beef".

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