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Republic of Belarus
Zhlobin, Shosseinaya str., 133
tel/faq:   4-13-18


                 Chief Executive officer of "Zhlobin Meat Processing and Packing Factory" AFIC PC



                                      MEAT - natural meat
        AFPK Zhlobin Meat-Processing Plant OJSC is an enterprise that combines centuries-old traditions in the production of meat products that are carefully passed down from generation to generation.

        Our goal is to ensure the release of quality products, to offer all the best that we are rich and proud of today, careful attention to the preferences and tastes of our consumers, and the desire to constantly improve, strengthen market relations, and confidently move further along the path of mutual understanding.

        Competent increase in the assortment due to the creation of new competitive types of products allows AFPK Zhlobin Meat-Processing Plant OJSC not to get lost against other meat-processing enterprises. Today, the meat processing plant has sufficient production capacity, is equipped with sophisticated high-performance technological equipment, using automation and computerization, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of technological deviations in the production process and guarantees stable product quality and its competitiveness.

         AFPK Zhlobin Meat Processing Plant OJSC uses advanced methods of packaging meat products in a vacuum and gas environment, which allows to increase their storage time while maintaining consumer qualities without the use of preservatives. Manufacturing only from natural meat raw materials, delicate flavoring shades of spices and seasonings, combined with unique cooking recipes, have made our products a necessary product for everyday meals, and a worthy addition to the festive table.

We can do our job, value our name and guarantee the high quality of our products.
We strive to work professionally, efficiently and efficiently.


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